Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NeNe's Birthday Celebration

Last week we celebrated my moms birthday!  (march is another busy birthday month for us.)  Most of our crew headed to Lindsay and Tim's house for our take on Qdoba.  After we all had full bellies we sang Happy birthday and enjoyed some chocolate cake.  Yummy...my favorite.

Mom loves to work the puzzles in the paper, which is where I got the idea for the cake.

Then, of course we tried to get a picture of NeNe with all the grand kids.  It gets harder and harder each time we try. 

By the time we tried to take a picture with Nanny and the kids...they were past the point of no return.  It was chaos!

As I was scanning through the many out takes, I came across this one.  It shows the new face Dawit has.  Oh, he makes me laugh when he does it!

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