Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Month of Change

We are so excited to partner with Eyes That See for a "Month Of Change".  Throughout the month of April we will be collecting change for different projects in Ethiopia.  The girls and I made our collection jar last week.  While we were making it, I talked to to the girls about what the money will be used for.  It was great to hear Gracie tell our neighbor that we are collecting money for moms in Ethiopia to attend school.  And then to hear Avery pray for our friends in Ethiopia is sweet music to my ears. 

Here is a note from Eyes That See that describes why we are doing this and the impact it will have...

This month you are joining people around the United States too see the lives of people in Ethiopia.  The coins dropped here will benefit women within the Keziah Project and the students within our after school program.

For the past few months we have been working with a group of ten women.  They have received meals, counseling, support, and community.  At the same time, they have trained to become hairdressers.  Through this project, many of the women have found a hope in Christ that they have never known before.  As this month begins, these women are starting careers as brand new women.

We also work with 20 students who currently attend school.  These students have no parents, yet have not used that as an excuse to give up on what God has for them.  Each of these students come to our compound after school for a great meal, some free time playing soccer, and tutoring.  They return on Saturdays with friends to learn to study the Bible.  The joy on their faces shows that they are kids again.  Few things are more satisfying.  

I am really excited to be a part of this. I pray daily for the people of Ethiopia and specifically for the families that this change will impact. I also pray that my kids would have a huge heart for others.

The girls have emptied their piggy banks and our coin jar.  I joked with Matt, from Eyes That See, said told him soon they would be searching the couch cushions!  WELL GUESS WHAT?  Today they brought some more change to the table and I asked where they found it.  "Under the couch cushions!!"

So, if you come around my kitchen table....bring change!  And don't be surprised if Gracie corners you, like she did my sister this morning, and asks you to empty your change purse!  Remember it is going to a good cause!  Head on over to Eyes That See and read about all the incredible work they are doing in Ethiopia.  I am sure it is not too late to start a collection jar of your own!  

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  1. What a neat family project. We have a Minus 1 Project jar in our kitchen. It has been so wonderful to see how that jar fills up. We have even had neighborhood kids bring us change to go in it--reminds me of the flour and oil jars--it just keeps filling. (Keep in mind it isn't a huge jar! :)