Monday, April 4, 2011


It is part of Avery's bedtime routine that I sing her a lullaby.  I always ask which one she wants me to sing...and after thinking about it, she ALWAYS chooses "mary had a little lamb."  (always!)

Tonight I asked her which lullaby she would like me to sing.  She said, "The one about the dogs." 

I was confused. 

"Which one about the dogs?"  I asked.

"You know, who let the dogs out? woo woo woo."  and she put her little hands up like claws when she said it.

Wondering why in the world my 3 year old is requesting that song?  We have Just Dance Kids on the Wii and she loves that one.  :)

On another note...anyone have any suggestions as to why blogger won't let me upload any pictures?  It says "server rejected" 


  1. Funny story Brittney! Please upload video of you singing that "lullaby." I have had trouble with blogger lately, but I just retry and I upload fewer photos at at time...that seems to do the trick. My new issue is that I can't seem to change fonts, sizes, etc. on blogger...hmmm????

  2. what I want to know is if you actually sang "who let the dogs out"?? :)