Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday and Happy Birth Day

Last weekend we did a lot of celebrating! July 24 James turned 32!! We had some family over and I cooked his favorite dinner. We had spaghetti. He has never been a big cake eater, so I made him an apple pie. Mom wanted me to just get the one from Sams, but I couldn't. He definitely deserved a homemade pie, and he helped me peel the apples, so it wasn't so bad. (I know, I know...I made him help with his birthday pie! But, have you ever cut and peeled 3 pounds of apples??)

That same morning, my phone rang at 2:30 in the morning. I knew it must be Kory, and sure enough, it was time to head to the hospital! It was such an awesome experience to be there for Molly's birth! (I was at Hannah's also!) Kory did so good. She labored really well through the early morning hours. I started looking at the clock a little more about 8:30 am. I knew that I had to meet Cindy at ARISE at 10:00 for Dawit's 6 month post placement. James was going to meet me there, but time was running out! (My plan was to leave at 9:30) At about 9:15, in between pushes, Kory looked at me and said, "Brittney, you have to leave at 9:30. I'm trying!" HA! Leave it to Kory to be worrying about me! 9:30 came but I couldn't leave! Finally at 9:35 she was born. I left three minutes later! And yes I was late to my meeting. (Like Scott said, they aren't going to send him back to Ethiopia if I am 10 minutes late!) I hated to leave, but I did make it back to the hospital later that day. Molly is such blessing and little cutie!

So, I will always remember Molly's birthday since she shares it with James!

Another little tidbit...Molly was born in the same hospital room as Avery, Reese, Ellie, and Hannah! Neat, huh?

Are we there yet?

During the few hours between deciding to go to Florida and actually leaving, I talked to the girls a lot about how we would be driving in the van for a really long time. I was trying to avoid the, "Are we there yet" comments. All my prep didn't help. Before we made onto 65, they were asking, "Are we getting close?"

Since we drove through the night, they did sleep most of the way. However, they were awake enough to keep us laughing! :)

Avery: "Are we almost to China?" What?

Avery: She said something about the color "yeyo" (she can NEVER pronounce it correctly.) When we tried to show her how to say it, she said, "We I turn 5 I'll say YELLOW." Plain as day...she said it right. Then went right back to saying "yeyo" :) Can you believe that little stinker?

Avery and Gracie were playing house at the condo, Gracie was introducing me to her husband (Avery). Sis asked Avery where she worked...."I work at China." (not sure about her connection to China this week.)

One day Avery needed a band aid for a "scratch" on her finger. Gracie said she would take her upstairs and get her one. This is how she looked when she came down. The girls thought this was HILARIOUS and wouldn't stop laughing.

Something else I thought was pretty funny.... Sis and Gracie slept in the same room in twin beds. The first night, Sis went to bed and read for a while. Gracie layed in her bed and decided she wanted to read like Sissy. She went into the living room and got a copy of Coastal Living. She "read" that magazine every night! :) I am sure it had good articles!

Funny comments were abundant and so were bathroom brakes! As we prepared to leave on Friday night after dinner, all the kids went potty. Before we were even on the bridge leaving Destin, Avery said, "I gotta go!" I made sis call Tim and tell him to stop. :) After this stop, we stopped 2 more times. I think we drove 20 miles in that first hour! YIKES, its going to be a long drive.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Florida Pictures....Finally!

We had a wonderful time in Destin a few weeks ago. It was a VERY last minute trip. As in, I decided to go and booked our condo at noon on Friday and we left at 8:00 that night! :) Unfortunately, James was unable to go because of work. Boy, did I miss him! Thankfully, Sis drove with me and helped me with the kids. Since mom, dad and Lindsay's family went, we had lots of help at the beach too! I needed it! Each one of the kids LOVED the beach and never wanted to leave the water. It was great to see them having so much fun. Dawit ate lots of sand. If we brought him back from the water and sat him by the chairs, he would stand up and waddle back down to the water by himself! Avery loved to just lay in the water. Grace brought back lots of pretty shells she collected. When it was time to leave, the kids were already asking when they could come back!

SO I have been working to put together a slide show of all the pictures. I actually accomplished that, however now I can't seem to upload them to the blog successfully. So here are just a few...
Contrary to what it looks like in this picture, Dawit loved the beach. Here he is just mad that I am holding him and he can't run down to the water!

This next pictures was the only one we got during that entire trip that had ALL four kiddos in it! They never sat still!

Our little bathing beauty.

We went to Baytown Wharf one night. They had a movie night under the stars so we took the kids to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Even though it was a late night, the kids were really good and had lots of fun!

Here are two of our kids playing in the pool. :) No kidding, the little ones wanted Tim all week. They knew he would throw them up, tump them upside down, and take them far out into the waves! They love their Uncle Tim!

Making sand angels!

LOVE this picture of Dawit!

(ok, so that was more than just a few!)

If you want to see the rest of the pictures (all 287 of them) just click here.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dad Life

For a good laugh, take a couple of minutes and watch this! It is too funny!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grew by Two

Our family grew by two!
Gracie will tell you, "We got 2 puppies!" However, MOM and DAD got 2 puppies. :) I am fine with her thinking that. (no way are we getting a pup! Plus, its a lot more fun to play with them and not have to clean up after them.)

Here they are...
This is Beau.

Here is his sis, Bella.

Are they cute or what? They are yorkiepoos and should grow to be about 6 pounds. A perfect snuggle dog! The girls are absolutely in LOVE.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Blog Design

Okay...I have been working on this for way too long. I am not computer savvy so I have been working on this new design for a long time. Does the header look fuzzy or is it just me?

I know I haven't posted anything lately....we went on vacation and I am working on getting the pictures together from our trip. I also want to post about a few new additions to the family. I promise, they are coming soon. :)

And seriously, let me know about that header. And if you can make it better, please speak up! I could use the help. And since I am asking, how do you change the font color?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Welcome home (pt.2)

Last night we headed to the airport for "Welcome Home #2" for the weekend. It was so sweet to see the parents walk out with their three daughters and I got even more teary eyed when their 2 sons ran to greet them! The girls were precious! The middle one was hamming it up and talking in Russian to her brothers like they really understood! :)

Two different families asked James and I,"What is going on?" It was a great opportunity to share about adoption.

It was such a great night!

Welcome Home T Family!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Welcome Home Pt. 1

Tonight was the first "welcome home" of the weekend. JT and Tedi arrived to meet mommy! Natalie got a pass and got to meet them at the gate. When they made it out the crowd there were lots of smiles! Finally a family or 3...all together and simply precious! Congratulations Henderson Family!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vacation Bible School

On Sunday night we started VBS at HBC. The theme for this year was Saddle Ridge Ranch. Even though I had to rush three little ones through an early dinner and put them to bed WAY too late every night...IT WAS SO WORTH IT!! I taught 3rd grade along with my girls, Brandi and Kory. I loved my kiddos and pray that seeds were planted in their sweet hearts.

The theme made things really fun. Lots of kids wore cowboy hats and handkerchiefs. :) We did too.

The songs were cute too. Gracie loved it! It was not her first year in VBS, but last year she was not in Kindergarten and didn't do all the fun rotations. Anyway, she and Avery have played "VBS" every day this week. They would drag my boots out and teach their babies all the songs. One of the girls on the worship team was "Patty." She told the kids the first day that her name was Patty...Cow Patty. Of course the kids laughed and she explained what that was to the younger ones. Well, when Grace was playing on Monday I heard her introduce herself to her babies. She said (in her best cowboy accent), "My name is Cow Poop" Seriously...what am going to do with her??

The late nights really got to Avery. Manda really thought this picture was hilarious. I have to agree. Doesn't Avery look like she is having fun at VBS??

Despite the picture, she did have fun. We all did.