Saturday, August 29, 2009

Welcome Home Cook Family!

Tonight we got to celebrate at the airport with the Cook family! I just love seeing families come home! Nuredin and Edasso are cuties! This homecoming was definitely answered prayer!

Jana did get to see our baby boy! She went back to KVI on Thursday for exactly that purpose and we are SO very thankful! She said that he looked good, just very small. (more like a couple months old instead of 6) We are hoping he has gained some weight, but haven't received those numbers yet. Jana said that he was alert and cried when she laid him back down...all good. He was wearing an outfit we sent. She also said his bottles made the trip to Addis (good) and that our picture album we sent with the Bitners was there as well. Susan (our agency director) is leaving in 3 weeks for Ethiopia. We are planning to send formula and vitamins with her. We should get some good info, pictures, and even a video! She is also going to look over our paperwork so that when we finally get a court date, hopefully everything will be in order. I had such a hard week, worrying about Dawit....whether he got transferred, if the new nannies would know how to care for him...if Jana and Kenny would get to see him (I really had pumped myself up for their update.) It feels so good to hear something. At our adoption fellowship at Highview this week, we talked about waiting well. I am not very good at that. Waiting stinks everyday...some days are harder than others. But I take comfort in knowing that God knows every little part of Dawit. HE knows his needs better than anyone. HE sent doctors over when Dawit needed doctors, he sent friends with formula, and HE will continue to look over our sweet boy.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun at the Fair

On Tuesday night James and I took the girls to the state fair. We had thought about going before, but it was going to be so expensive! Then, Brandi called with free tickets...perfect! We got there at about 6:00 and ate dinner. We saw lots of animals (cows, sheep,and pigs). We had a bit of a run in with 3 very large pigs. The owner was walking them back to their cage after a bath and I guess they got away from her. All of the sudden they came up behind us and trotted past. Avery was in the stroller and they were right at her level. Grace was walking and seemed a bit scared. We all laughed after the fact though. I was a little nervous though...all the signs said not to pet them or put your fingers in the cage...I guess they bite! Of course Grace saw the midway. We let each of them choose one ride. It was hard to find one for Avery though. They both had lots of fun! Then they got to go fishing (a game they could both easily do and they were guaranteed a prize!) All in all it was a very fun night, a late night, but fun! Thanks for the tickets Brandi!

Adoption Fundraiser a HUGE success

In case you haven't stopped by the Brown's blog to see how thier fundraiser went on Sunday should!!! As of Tuesday, they were up to $6800 in donations (plus the $4000 matching grant from lifesong). We are so excited for them and glad to be a part of it!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

VBS Update

We had a little back to school ice cream social for our neighborhood VBSers last weekend. It was fun. We gave bibles to all our older kids and they really seemed to like them. We were also able to show everyone pictures of the beds we were able to purchase for the orphanage with our offering money. Here is a picture they sent and a note to the kids.

See the part you played in helping these kids? It's a great thing you are doing to help babies across the world in Ethiopia. God sees your generosity and will reward you for your love and care for others. Keep thinking of others and you will live out a beautiful life song to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. You all show a lot of faith when you participate like this. Thanks for participating in something really important to God. We love you all. Pat Killeen Arise for Children

I will leave you with Avery singing one of the vacation bible school songs. Normally Gracie is our star, but this is too cute.

I mentioned Gracie is the star around here. If you know her well enough, you know she is a ham. (where does she get that??) Anyway, an example of this, she has been sick this weekend so we rented her some movies. She watched Annie last night and now she walks around singing. This morning she wanted me to yell, "Scrub those floors, I want them to shine like the top of the Chrystler Building." She even gets out wipes to wipe the floor. Funny Girl.
In a previous post, I told you that Dawit had been transferred from Narareth to Addis. We found out on Friday that this hadn't happened yet. Part of me is upset while the other part isn't. Initially we questioned moving him because he had made such a bond with his nannies and they knew how to feed him, but we were okay with moving him to the big city. So on that hand, he has been with people that know him and love him. On the other hand, it is frustrating when things don't get done like they are supposed to. The Cook's left on Saturday and were going to visit and check on him. Jana works with First Steps and we were glad that she could go over and get a good look at him from a developmental standpoint. However, since Dawit isn't in Nazareth, they may not be able to see him. That would totally bum me out as I had prepared myself for pictures and a good update. We are praying that Dawit is moved by the time they get there. Jana is going to call the orphanage on Monday and fuss a bit if he isn't there. Hopefully he will be there by Thursday as that is when they are visiting KVI. Everybody said this would be a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. No matter what though we can't wait to meet the Cook boys on Saturday!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brown Family Adoption Fundraiser

I hope you all will mark your calendars and come to this fundraiser dinner that benefits our friends, Justin and Donna Brown. You can check out thier blog for more information, but here is the lowdown....

Sunday, August 23, from 4:00-8:00 at the Fern Creek Firestation 2. The address is 9409 Bardstown Rd. Louisville,KY 40291 and it is just south of the Gene Snyder on Bardstown Rd. We will have Ethiopian food for you to try as well as burgers and hot dogs. There will also be a Firehouse tour from 5-7pm. Our goal is to raise $4,000 in order to make the most of the matching grant from Louisville Orphan Care Initiative.
We ask that if possible, RSVP by August 17. It would be great to know how many people will be attending.

We are super excited and would love to see you all there. James and I worked on our doro tips recipe again tonight. We need to have it perfected by next week! :) Justin even convinced mom to make Baklava! YUM!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ethiopia Shirts

Hi guys! I wanted to take a minute and show off a shirt I just got.

I love it! My friends mom did the design for me.

If you are interested in getting one, let me know. She can fill in the background with material, like she did on mine, or she can just do the outline and heart. If you want she can put it on other things too. (bibs, bags, burp clothes)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Nursery in Progress

James finished up painting the nursery last weekend. We are excited to have a blue room. We were able to take the pink material off our rocker and the blue material looks good. The rocking horse was James' when he was little. And the dresser was a hand me down from Tim and Lin (thanks guys.) James had to do a lot of work on that though! We did suck it up and get another convertible crib. We are just not ready to put Avery in a big girl bed.

The bedding we got is construction themed. (here's a shout out to dad!)
Now that James is finished with his part of the room, I can get to work decorating! I made some prints to hang on the wall.

We also got a little cross that says "bless our baby boy" of course. I still need to get some letters to put his name on the wall. That is next on my list. Then when we pass court I can start to fill his dresser with everything blue!

Dawit news...he was moved this week from Nazareth to Addis. James and I have mixed feelings about this. His nannies loved him so much and took such great care of him. We are praying that Dawit bonds well with his new nannies and they continue on with his bottles and schedule.

At the pool

Today we spent the day at the pool. My mom, sister, and I all go back to work/school next week so this was our last harra! (How do you spell that word anyway?) We had a great day. Tim and dad went so it was an extra set of hands to drag the girls around in the water. :) Avery is my little dare devil. She just walks off the edge and hopes you are there to catch her.

Tim would throw her up so high!

What a cutie pie!

Tim brought the baby's blow up pool with hopes that she would sit in it and float around. That didn't happen so he took at the rafts and made this. Lisa asked Gracie if it was her house boat. She replied,"It's my castle boat." She then asked where her prince was. :) Lucas was happy to play the part. Seriously, this girl watches WAY too many princess movies.