Friday, July 31, 2009

Updates from Ethiopia

I received this email from Susan, our agency director, this morning.

I wanted to share the news that Dawit has gained some weight and is doing well. He us up to 6.6 lbs according to Eyob. I will continue to ask for updates and of course pray for a court assignment.

So, that's good. 6.6 pounds! He's getting up there! :)
I also posted a comment on Mary's blog. She recently came come with her son. I don't know her, so I hope she didn't think I was a crazy lady. Anyway, I asked her if she remembered Dawit and could pass any info along. Here is her reply...

Oh, I DO remember him! He was sleeping when we were there - so cute and beautiful!! Sitting here thinking back to that day, I remember the nannies seemed to really love Dawit, they were anxious to show him to me and when I remarked how peacefully he was sleeping, they said "Yes, he is good baby. Everyone loves him" And they were excited to tell me he was matched with a family!

So that's all the news I have. It makes me feel good to hear updates like that. The Cook's are going over at the end of August and I may be able to convince them to visit Dawit. Also, Susan was planning a trip in September. That means more pictures and updates!

Praying for our little baby! (and a court date)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Potty Time!

Avery has been in pull-ups for awhile now. It is to the point now where she would hardly even sit on the potty. I decided Friday afternoon that it was time to try panties. I did this with Gracie and she was using the potty within days. Unfortunately, this time around is not going so well. Avery goes a lot when we sit her on it. Often, if we don't ask at just the right time, she tells us "I gotta go potty." as she is already in the process. She loves getting her pee pee potty prize though! (Gracie gets one too for being a good cheerleader!) We were so proud of her yesterday. At church she told one of her teachers she had to go. :) So, we are going to keep working on it. My hope was to have her potty trained before I go back to school. If not, then definitely before Dawit comes home. I can't have 2 kids in diapers!!

What a big girl!

Happy Birthday James!

On Friday, James turned 31. It was a fun day. He came home from work at lunch and we headed to Hubers with his mom, dad, grandma, and niece. Grandma is in town from South Carolina so it was nice to spend some time with family. After a good lunch, we let the kids feed the fish and went to the petting zoo. They had so much fun! Gracie was not afraid to feed the animals this time....however, Avery was scared. It was funny. There were lots of babies and they were so cute. They loved the blow up slide and the big slide on the hill.

I had to help Avery on the blow up one, which I had fun doing. :)

So that is how we celebrated Friday. On Saturday we went to his families house for a cookout. Luckily most of the food was finished cooking when the storm knocked the power out. His birthday weekend wrapped up on Sunday with dinner with my family. My mom and dad got him a keypad for the garage door. They thought that would be perfect after James locked them out while they were babysitting for us a few weeks ago. :) Oops!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Backyard Vacation Bible School

As most of you know, James and I go to a neighborhood bible study on Sunday nights. This summer we decided to do a little out reach to the kids in the subdivision and host a vacation bible school in Ronda and David's backyard. After lots of planning, preparing, and bumming leftovers from Highview (THANKS SO MUCH!) we were ready to start on Monday. We were very excited to have about 20 kids each night from
5:30-8:30. We talked about missions, had worship, fed them dinner, had bible lessons for three different age groups, crafts, music, and games. WHEW! No I see why I am so tired! It was a wonderful week! I was able to teach the older kids...which I loved!! (Through teaching this and my older kids in summer school, I feel like I have found a new niche)
We decided to take a offering each night for a new orphanage in Ethiopia. I emailed our adoption agency director and asked of the needs of the orphanage. When she told me, she included prices and I thought...we will never raise that much money. ($90 for an infant dr. visit, $250 for beds because they are sleeping on mats on the floor) But I at least thought we could put a dent in one of those items. The kids really stepped up to the change challenge. Maybe because we separated them into teams and the losing leader got a pie in the face. :) Tonight was our final night and our total was...drum roll please....$240!! I cried when I announced that to the crowd. WOW! I totally under estimated what the Lord could do with these kids this week. On top of a great offering, several families accepted an invitation to church and some of my older kids expressed excitement over the Lord.

All in all I'd say it was a great week!

By the way, James and David were the team leaders.

David was the lucky one who got the pie in his face. (Thanks for being such a good sport!) I need to find a picture of that!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Goodie Bag

Yesterday a family from Arise left for Ethiopia. They were sweet enough to take Dawit a few things for us. Gracie drew him a picture of our family.

This onesie say "Worth the Wait" He certainly is worth the wait.

All in all, I was able to send 2 onesies, a sleeper, a little fleece blankie (blue by the way...I love buying blue!), a toy, a "Who Loves Baby" picture album full of pictures of us, and Gracie's drawing. I can't wait to see new pictures and hear how he is doing.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Camp Out

Last week James, Gracie, and our nephew camped out in the back yard. The kids were sooo excited. They brought out their sleeping bags and flashlights. Gracie's main concern was that they brought out snacks. :) We all roasted marshmallows on the grill and made smores. YUM! Surprisingly, they slept in the tent all night long. When they got up they headed out to go fishing with James' grandfather. They had a fun time. Gracie was intent on throwing a worm on her cousin. How mean! Both kids caught fish, so it was a good day. James did forget the snacks, so Gracie was upset. (My kids eat all the time!) Here are some pictures from their fun time....

Avery loved her s'more (minus the chocolate!)

The whole gang. Avery got her feelings hurt when she couldn't stay in the tent.

What a BIG fish!

I hate shots!

Yesterday afternoon James and I headed to U of L's International Travel clinic for all of our shots. All as in more than one ... as in way too many!We had to get a total of 5. 4 in one arm, and yellow fever in the other. OUCH!! I hate shots and was a nervous wreck. I was brave though. We are taking one immunization in pill form. Why can't they offer them all that way? We chose not to get Hep B. All you other Ethiopian goers, please tell me if you think that was a bad idea. My arm is a bit sore today, but I didn't get sick like I thought I would.

Last night we went to our Arise Fellowship. We heard what's going on in Ethiopia and prayed over a family leaving this Friday to pick up their 3 kiddos. Originally they were not traveling to Nazareth, where Dawit is, but now they may. That means the possibility of more pictures and an update!! Yeah! I am trying to get together a little baggie to send over for him. I also got an email from the director this morning. She got some measurements taken a few weeks ago.

Head 37 cc
Length 55 cm
Weight approx. 6 lbs

All of these fall below the 5th percentile on the growth chart. We should be getting these once a month. He has to be gaining weight...he finally has a full belly!

By the is his 4 month birthday!!