Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Sweet Boy

I want to show off our pictures so bad. Since I can't, I figured I could at least share this one. What a cute set of toes! Can you not tell that he is the sweetest thing?! Our latest update came from the agency director's husband. He said the baby was "frail, but very alert and responsive." He also said that Dawit was taking the bottles great and was on a schedule now. He is going to send along a video he took with the baby, which I can't wait to see!!

Keep up the prayers! Thanks!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girlie Night

Tonight was our monthly girlie night. Once a month a group of high school and college friends get together for dinner. I was my month to plan, so what do you think I choose? Ethiopian! A group of eight of us went to the Queen of Sheba for dinner. To be honest with you, I wasn't sure if they would like it. But to surprise, everyone really liked it!! Most went traditional and got served on big platters and also went without a fork! I was so excited! James asked me to bring home leftovers...but there was very little that we didn't eat. :)

I got to show off my new pictures of the baby. If I haven't gotten to show you, stop me next time. They are so darn cute! I could just eat him up!! The girls at dinner told one friend that couldn't hold him until he gains some weight (at least 30pounds) because she would squeeze him to hard. :) Tonight was fun. Good food and good friends!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ethiopia News

I feel like I haven't posted anything for awhile. It has been crazy around here. This week I had professional developments for work everyday and VBS at night...which was really fun. The week before we had our yard sale to prepare for. It went great! We sold a lot of stuff and Kory made some bracelets to sell. Between the yard sale and some donations from sweet family and friends we made more money than we had hoped! Thanks everybody! What was really neat about that day was that we met a couple who live close to us who are also adopting two boys from Ethiopia!

Two weeks ago we welcomed home a family from Ethiopia. By Gods great plan it was a doctor who was able to look at Dawit for us. We found out that night that he was very small, also had a cleft palette, and was eating from a spoon. This sent me into crazy mom mode! Our staff at Arise ordered special bottles and we got him formula. We also got a few more cute pictures. I think I am up to five now!

Tonight we were able to welcome another family home. A friend of theirs traveled with them...who is a ENT doctor. He also checked on the baby and took bottles and formula. Anyway...back to the airport. Our friend said they got to spend a lot of time with Dawit. They took him for a walk. :) I love it that people we know have loved on him for us! She said she got some pictures. We cried for a minute and then I went to hunt down the doctor. He said that the baby was very small...5 pounds. Remember he is 3 months old! He said that he did really good with the bottles so that should help get his weight up. He said that Dawit was very bright eyed and alert. He said the sooner we get him home the better. Please pray that he would get the nourishment that he needs and start to gain weight. Pray that we would be assigned a court date soon and that everything is in order and we pass court. The Lord has definitely gone before us sending these two doctors, and this week our agency directors husband is there. I know that God loves Dawit as much as we do and is watching out for him.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Yard Sale!

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that our subdivision, Silver Oaks, is having a yard sale on Saturday from 8-1. It is off Billtown Road. This is the first year we are going to participate. We have tons of stuff! James says our yard will be like Super Walmart! I am even selling all my pink baby clothes and maternity clothes. (my friend said that I am asking for it by doing that!) :) All sales will benefit our adoption, so we are hoping for a big turnout. I will let you know how things go. Stop by if you are looking for a deal!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I found this video while on another blog. I never knew adoption had touched these people we all know. Click here to check it out.

Monday, June 1, 2009

On Cloud Nine

I wrote the title to this post to express how excited we all are about our referral, but what does that saying mean exactly? Not sure. Anyway...This has been a wonderful week. It melts my heart when the girls thank God for "our food and our brother. Amen." The other day I was listening to them play house. Each of the girls had their picture of the baby. G said to A, "Are you adopting from Ethiopia? We are too. Here is a picture of our baby." She handed the picture to A and A said, "Oh, he's so cute!" I was cracking up! G sleeps with his picture beside her bed. She asked if we could go get him now...I wish! Today we all were able to show off his picture at school and work. Everyone loves him, of course.

I just checked, and from Louisville to Addis it is 7,600 miles. I can't believe that huge distance separates us. We love him so much already. The next few months are going to be long. Good news though, a family is in country picking up their boys this week. The plan is for them to check on baby Armstrong and take some pictures. I am anxious to see how much he has grown since his intake picture (which is the one we have.) That is the only picture we have, and it is in almost every room in our house. It will be nice to mix it up a bit!

Since we have our referral, our director told us to go ahead and start our immunizations. WHOA! The list for this is very long! That's not going to be a fun day!

My last thought for the night: I turn the big 3-0 on Sunday. In my family, you get to choose the restaurant on your birthday. I have chosen Queen of Sheba, the Ethiopian Restaurant in town. We went with a few family members to celebrate last week. It went over pretty well. We love it, I hope everyone else does. I will let you know. James also gave me an Ethiopian cookbook for my birthday. I will let you know how my first try at that goes too.