Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adoption Map

Our church has this huge map out front. On it are pictures of most of the families who have adopted or are in the process. Our adoption guru at church told us recently that when the adoption ministry started 3 years ago, they had 7 adoptive families. Last year in April there were 27. Today, there are 63 families and 93 children are home!! Praise God!

This morning, we made it on the map! YEAH!

I know, I am corny. I took a picture of our picture. I couldn't help it!

Friday, April 24, 2009

We are in Ethiopia!

At least our paperwork is in Ethiopia! I wish we were! I checked the tracking number of our package and it arrived in Ethiopia safe and sound. It was picked up by someone from Hope on April 21. That is exciting!

We had our adoption fellowship meeting at church last night. Mom and dad watched the girls so I could go...thanks NeNe and Pop. That group of ladies are such a blessing. Last night was especially exciting because one family is leaving next week to pick up thier two sweet boys from Ethiopia. Two other families got matched with birthmoms. Lots to celebrate!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a great day celebrating Easter! Our day started at church with ABF and worship. We had a guest leading worship today, and he was great. Next we headed to the Armstrong's for lunch and an egg hunt. The girls had a blast running after all their cousins. Then, we headed to mom and dad's house for dinner and another egg hunt. We have candy up to our ears! We finally got a good picture taken for the adoption map at church. However, getting a picture of G, A, and R in thier matching dresses was a bit difficult.

This year I got Resurrection Eggs for the girls. Each egg has something inside that goes along with Jesus' journey to the cross. Each night we talked about a few. It was cute hearing G tell about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. By Easter, she knew most of the story. I am just glad she knows Easter is about Jesus and not a bunny.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Adoption Update

Here is the email I tried to send everyone a few days ago....

Hey everyone! J and I just wanted to give you an adoption update. A few weeks ago, I turned in our dossier to Arise for Children!! YEAH! I was glad to have it all done. First, I took it all to the County Clerk’s Office to get sealed. Then mom drove with me and the girls to Frankfort where we had to get state seals on all our documents. The girls had a fun time on our road trip. G and A enjoyed the area with all the pinwheels!

After I had everything together, I took it to Cindy and turned it in. (I made her take a picture with my paperwork. She probably thinks I am a little crazy.) As of Thursday, April 9, our dossier is in Washington getting all the country seals and will be delivered to the Ethiopian Embassy soon. I had a bit of a moment on Friday when I got an email from Susan (the director of our agency). She was wondering if I had turned in our money orders, because the people in Washington couldn’t find them. I felt sick because I turned in a large amount of money and they couldn’t find it!! I haven’t heard from them yet, but I’m over worrying about it. Susan did say she thinks she knows where it is. (By the way, they found it!)

So….the good news is all our paperwork is turned in and soon our dossier will be in Ethiopia in the hands of the people who will match us to our sweet baby boy!

Bad news….the time frame has changed since we started this adoption journey. In January when we started they were estimating 2-6 months until referral (matched with a child.) Now they are telling us to expect 9-12 months for a referral of an infant. Keep in mind that is just to get matched. It will be months after that before we get a court date, then months later to travel! And that’s if we pass court the first time; many don’t.

I will keep you posted when anything exciting happens. Until then, we will keep praying for our little boy that God has chosen for our family and that our adoption goes smoothly. We would love your prayers as well!

Me, a Blogger??

I caved. I said I would not do a blog because I am not tech savy at all. However, I want everyone to be able to keep up with our adoption journey and this seemed like the best way to do it. I am pleasantly surprised with how things look so far...after hours of work!! Maybe this will keep me off youtube watching videos of families meeting thier children in Ethiopia. A gal can dream...

Now, hopefully I can keep up with this.