Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Avery Armstrong has big goals for this Girl Scout program year

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Hello James,

I am participating in the magazine and nut program to earn money to support Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana.

We want to plan fun activities and help the community. The program also helps me build a lifetime of skills and confidence.

I created two personalized stores – one for magazines and one for nuts and chocolates. If you visit them you will see my special message, my goal, a video and picture!

If you click here to buy or renew your favorite magazines, over 50% of your purchase goes to Girl Scouts. There is a great selection of print and digital titles and the prices are much less expensive than on the newsstand.

You can also purchase nuts and chocolates. Just click here to view the awesome products.

I hope you like my stores – they are fun and easy places to shop and any purchase helps me reach my goal. Plus, I may be able to earn a personalized patch with my name on it!

Thank you for helping Girl Scouts and me!

Shop Avery's Magazine Store
Shop Avery's Nuts & Chocolate Store

Thank You for helping me reach my goal!

Avery Armstrong

Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana

If clicking on the links does not take you to the online stores, please copy and paste the following URL's into your browser: https://www.gsnutsandmags.com/store/landing/0/2bf22780-03eb-4279-92ed-33c9a7bf8faf for magazines and https://www.gsnutsandmags.com/nut/landing/0/2bf22780-03eb-4279-92ed-33c9a7bf8faf for nuts and chocolates

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

reminder: Give Away!

Just wanted to remind you all that tomorrow is the last day to enter my give away!  I am drawing a name and the winner gets to choose a set of Sarah's coasters!

I really want to help her get the word out about her adoption fundraiser.  Not many people have entered... YET!  So your chances of winning are GREAT people!  To enter just post a link to her blog on your own blog or facebook page.  Then leave me a comment and tell me which set of coasters you like best. 

Friday, April 29, 2011


I am really excited to be hosting a little blog give away.  I have never done this, but hope it helps my friend Sarah get the word out on her adoption fundraiser.

Sarah is currently in the process of adopting a little boy from Ethiopia.  You can read about their family at Journey to Noah's Brother

So!  What am I giving away??

A set of these awesome coasters!

What do you need to do to enter this give away?? (pick 2)

1.  Post about Sarah's fundraiser on your blog.  Include a link to http://ethiopiaminusone.blogspot.com/
2.  Post about it on facebook and include her link.
3.  Add Sarah's blog button to your blog and stay in touch with her.
4.  Tell me which coaster design you like best.

Leave a comment and let me know how you entered to win!

What do you win??

You will win a set of 4 coasters...you pick your favorite design.

Giveaway will end on Thursday and I will draw a winner on Friday, May 6.

Sarah is selling these coasters for $15 (set of 4)  Plus $5 to have them shipped.

Thanks for participating in the give away and helping to support another adoptive family!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Invite Someone to Church!!

They showed this at Highview over the weekend.  I love it!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Exciting News!!

The last few weeks we have been having lots of fun.  I definitely have things that I want to blog about.  However, I have been super busy getting ready to start MY NEW JOB!  Yes, you read that right...momma got a J.O.B!

A few weeks ago, Susan called from Arise for Children and offered me a position!  To say that I was excited is an understatement.  Although I wasn't planning on going back to teaching for another year, there was no way I could pass this up!  I have been praying for an opportunity like this for a while.  WOW!  I can't believe I actually get to go to work and do something that I am passionate about. 

So, needless to say I have been crazy busy finding a preschool for the kiddos.  I FINALLY found one that I trust with Avery's allergies.  And, boy, have I been pumping up preschool!  Gracie has been great about talking it up too.  ;)  To my surprise, Avery actually has been excited about it.  She was really happy this morning and couldn't wait to get there.  BUT, once we got there that all changed!  HA!  Dawit cracked me up.  He walked in and I got his things situated.  I kissed him and told him goodbye and he smiled and said, "Bye!"  to all his teachers.  He was blowing them kisses and everything.  He thought WE were leaving...not just me.  :)  He did fuss...for all of 30 seconds and then he was off and playing.  Avery had a tough few minutes and really didn't want me to leave her.  But, NO tears!  So that was good.  I was the only one who cried!  Both kiddos were very happy to see me this afternoon.  Hopefully tomorrow morning will go smoothly.
Here are my big kids this morning before their first day of preschool!

 Gracie was doing something to make them crack up...I couldn't get a decent picture because they were laughing so hard!

My first day went great. I feel like I have to learn a lot. The process and requirements have changed a lot since we went through it. I am eager to learn and really get started though.

 I am so excited and thankful to be working with all our families and to be working for such a great agency!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week 2 Total

YEAH!  James and I counted all the changed that is filling our bowl.  I am so excited that half way through our collection month, we have a total of $68.11!!  WHOO WHOO!
Our goal was to collect one hundred dollars...so we are getting close! 

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and thrown some change in....brought us bags of piggy bank change from home...and prayed for our friends in Ethiopia and the work of Eyes That See.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Month of Change-Week 1 Total

We have been collecting change in a big fish bowl on our kitchen table for a total of one week now.  The girls ask for our change everyday.  If anyone comes over to visit, they ask for their change too!  Well, this morning the girls and I counted all the change.  Are you ready for the grand total for our first week?? 
 I am so excited that we collected this amount in ONE week!  I can't wait to see how much we have collected by the end of April!

Our friends at Eyes That See have been posting some GREAT stories about students and women that benefit from their programs.  Their son Ezra wrote an amazing post, from his perspective, about what life looks like for too many children in Ethiopia.  I really encourage you to read it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who Let The Dogs Out?!

Well, after I recently posted about Avery's lullaby request, many of you made a request of your own.  :)  No, this is not a video of me singing Who Let the Dogs Out. 

While the girls were dancing tonight, I took video of them singing and dancing.  Enjoy the show....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NeNe's Birthday Celebration

Last week we celebrated my moms birthday!  (march is another busy birthday month for us.)  Most of our crew headed to Lindsay and Tim's house for our take on Qdoba.  After we all had full bellies we sang Happy birthday and enjoyed some chocolate cake.  Yummy...my favorite.

Mom loves to work the puzzles in the paper, which is where I got the idea for the cake.

Then, of course we tried to get a picture of NeNe with all the grand kids.  It gets harder and harder each time we try. 

By the time we tried to take a picture with Nanny and the kids...they were past the point of no return.  It was chaos!

As I was scanning through the many out takes, I came across this one.  It shows the new face Dawit has.  Oh, he makes me laugh when he does it!

Month of Change

We are so excited to partner with Eyes That See for a "Month Of Change".  Throughout the month of April we will be collecting change for different projects in Ethiopia.  The girls and I made our collection jar last week.  While we were making it, I talked to to the girls about what the money will be used for.  It was great to hear Gracie tell our neighbor that we are collecting money for moms in Ethiopia to attend school.  And then to hear Avery pray for our friends in Ethiopia is sweet music to my ears. 

Here is a note from Eyes That See that describes why we are doing this and the impact it will have...

This month you are joining people around the United States too see the lives of people in Ethiopia.  The coins dropped here will benefit women within the Keziah Project and the students within our after school program.

For the past few months we have been working with a group of ten women.  They have received meals, counseling, support, and community.  At the same time, they have trained to become hairdressers.  Through this project, many of the women have found a hope in Christ that they have never known before.  As this month begins, these women are starting careers as brand new women.

We also work with 20 students who currently attend school.  These students have no parents, yet have not used that as an excuse to give up on what God has for them.  Each of these students come to our compound after school for a great meal, some free time playing soccer, and tutoring.  They return on Saturdays with friends to learn to study the Bible.  The joy on their faces shows that they are kids again.  Few things are more satisfying.  

I am really excited to be a part of this. I pray daily for the people of Ethiopia and specifically for the families that this change will impact. I also pray that my kids would have a huge heart for others.

The girls have emptied their piggy banks and our coin jar.  I joked with Matt, from Eyes That See, said told him soon they would be searching the couch cushions!  WELL GUESS WHAT?  Today they brought some more change to the table and I asked where they found it.  "Under the couch cushions!!"

So, if you come around my kitchen table....bring change!  And don't be surprised if Gracie corners you, like she did my sister this morning, and asks you to empty your change purse!  Remember it is going to a good cause!  Head on over to Eyes That See and read about all the incredible work they are doing in Ethiopia.  I am sure it is not too late to start a collection jar of your own!